The formation of the association

At Hackås Hembygdsförening's annual meeting on July 22, 1973, the memorial stone for the knight and courtier Örjan Karlsson Skunk was unveiled at Hackås Church for the 500th anniversary of his death.

The initiator of the memorial stone was the primary school teacher Carl Noring. At the memorial service, District Attorney Herje Skunke raised the proposal for the formation of a family association. This association would work for family cohesion, for the care of family memories and for the opportunity for continued coordinated and planned research on the ancestry of our ancestors, on their lives and living.

The proposal was further developed by the district attorney Herje Skunke, the local association's chairman Erik Staffansson and the assistant professor Carl Ruben Carlsson.

At the local community association's annual meeting on July 21, 1974, the Skunke family association was formed.


The first years

The association's first chairman was the assistant professor Carl Ruben Carlsson. At his own request, Carlsson resigned at the annual meeting on July 16, 1978. In his place, department director Walter Johansson was elected new chairman.


Walter Johansson became a legendary chairman during the period 1978 to 1991, a very active time in the association's history. Walter was a fiery soul with big visions and many concrete ideas for the association's future well. A selection:


In 1978, researcher Barney Young visited the association's fifth annual meeting. Barney Young then came to visit Hackås at several annual meetings. He invited everyone to visit the Isle of Man as Parliament celebrated Tynwald's millennium anniversary. anniversary, which is the oldest parliament in the world with unbroken traditions. The visitors wrote a travel story from the trip to the Isle of Man "Skunckar i Västerled" which was introduced in the Parish Chronicle and also created a photo album from the trip.


Family association

Descendants of Barfod / Skanke / Skuncke and Isle of Man were invited to the annual meeting in 1980. There was then a proposal to join a family union. The purpose would be "to get to know each other, create a sense of belonging between the families and conduct collective family and history studies."

Kristina Skuncke, Walter Johansson and Barney Young were appointed members of the family association.


The minutes show a clear desire for the association to work transparently and collaboratively.


The members were asked to be active and write down everything they have heard and know about the Skunk tradition. They could enrich the cultural history of Hackåsbygden by publishing their own writing or perhaps even a chronicle game! He also sees the need to try to document the present because it provides valuable information for future generations.


Research Fund

Walter Johansson gets a lot of attention when he proposes to form a research fund. The 1981 annual meeting decided to form one with the name Släktföreningen Skunckeättlingar's research fund. The decision was adopted in 1982, but it later turned out that the donations were not as large as hoped. The chairman then instructed the annual meeting in 1983 to issue a local coin, the balance of which would go wholly or partly to the research fund or for the purpose decided by the board. The coin was to be designed by Olle Festin; one side would show the association badge and the other motifs from Hackås. At the annual meeting in 1984, it was decided that the sale of the "Skunckemyntet" would go to the promotion of culture in Hackås. A silver coin was donated to the Skankeföreningen in Norway.


That same year, Walter Johansson writes a stolen letter to the members. He is disappointed that attendance at the annual meeting was low. He wants suggestions on how the board can contribute to increasing interest among the members. About half of the coins are still not sold. Have the programs not been interesting enough or has Hackås become annoying? He gives birth to the idea that the Swedish and Norwegian associations could have annual meetings every two years and also invite the Danish association Barfod.


In 1986, Släktföreningen Skunckeättlingar, Skankeföreningen i Norge, släktföreningen Barfod and Barney Young were invited to Skunckedagarna in Hackås. In addition to the annual meeting itself, the program consisted of devotion to the church, music and poetry reading, lectures by Roger de Robelin and Carl Ruben Carlsson, visits to Jamtli and the Arnljot Games. In the Skanke book, the solemn speeches are also written down. It also mentions the chosen language of the Skanks for the first time, namely "Togetherness - Chivalry"


Walter Johansson wrote for the last time in the minutes book in 1999 when he resigned as chairman since 1991 that his vision is that the association will

• Conduct in-depth studies in the history of the Skanckes family

• Perform a chronicle play about "Skanken"

• Interest young people in the association

• Continuing to write in the minutes book, which he one day thinks will be very valuable



Skankeföreningen's main purpose is to promote genealogy; exchange experiences and give tips on how members can move forward in their own research. Of course, we also see great value in meeting at our annual meetings.

We look forward to seeing you who have Skankeanor as a member of our association!


Skankeföreningen is a non-profit association, whose purpose is:

to work for cohesion within the family

to safeguard common family interests

to keep family registers of the association's members

to stimulate research on the history of the Skankes family

to manage family fund


Chairman of the association

Carl Ruben Carlsson          1974-1978

Walter Johansson              1978-1991

Evert Festin                       1991-2006

Åke Mortaigne                   2007-2013

Mikael Häggmark              2013-


The associations board and meetings



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